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eCOM is E-Commerce Philippines, Inc. and we are a wholly owned ITAC subsidiary.
We’ve been around since 1998 delivering full scale e-commerce services.

We are present in the Philippines, Hongkong, China and Australia serving as a portal to a worldwide access of business opportunities.

With eCOM, it’s all about improving efficiency, accuracy and security of information in the supply chain.

We have improved the way our clients exchange business information by providing a fast, secure and reliable platform that helps them connect and communicate with their partners more efficiently.
Our secure network which runs on advanced technologies provided by IBM Sterling Commerce can send and receive data from multiple users regardless of size, format or platform. We adjust to our customers’ varying requirements to ensure that we can provide them with the most effective means of communication.

Your company's success is our goal.

What we do

Our Mission

To dedicate, commit and deliver the utmost value and quality services that will enable our customers’ e-commerce business solutions
To commit to exceeding customers' expectations for quality, responsiveness and excellence.
To develop people to their highest level of competence, esteems, and potential.
To pursue and foster the highest ethical in moral standard within our business relationships and social life.


Our vision is to build, bridge, and bond global e-communities into every fabric of social and economic society.

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