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What is AS2?

Applicability Statement 2 or AS2 is a communication protocol that supports EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or any other data transmittals over the internet. AS2 specifies the means to connect, deliver, validate and reply to data in a secure and reliable way. The AS2 standard benefits the user by significantly reducing traditional communications costs associated with…
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Building e-communities.

Communicating with multiple trading partners can be a tedious task if done manually.  Printing, sorting, faxing, confirming each document are only some of the manual tasks which have to be done and this consumes a lot of time on the one sending the document.  Time spent in doing these tasks would have been more productive…
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The benefits of business process automation.

Business process automation is basically replacing paper documents and manual processes with electronic procedures most notably in exchanging information. It may be 2017, but some still believe that manually producing and sending orders thru email or fax and sometimes even with pen and paper is the way of getting things done. Since previous procedures have…
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