High Speed Data Transfer Service

High Speed Data Transfer Service

Aspera software fully utilizes existing infrastructures to deliver the fastest, most predictable file transfer experience.

Aspera's technology can move big data at the speed that your business requires. Traditional file transfer protocols can be unreliable when sending large amounts of data because of things such as packet loss, latency and file corruption errors. Often times, the bigger the file, the bigger the error.

Aspera's patented FASP, (Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol) solves such problems because it is independent of network delay and resistant to extreme packet loss. It can easily handle large amounts of file over wide area networks and it can fully utilize available bandwidth of 10GBPS and up.

With IBM Aspera, you are assured of:

Maximum transfer speed

  • Optimal end-to-end throughput efficiency
  • Transfer performance scales with bandwidth independent of transfer distance and resilient to packet loss

Congestion Avoidance and Policy Control

  • Automatic, full utilization of available bandwidth
  • On-the-fly prioritization and bandwidth allocation

Uncompromising security and reliability

  • Secure, user/endpoint authentication
  • AES-128 cryptography in transit and at-rest

Scalable management, monitoring and control

  • Real-time progress, performance and bandwidth utilization
  • Detailed transfer history, logging, and manifest

Low Overhead

  • Less than 0.1% overhead on 30% packet loss
  • High performance with large files or large sets of small files

Resulting in

  • Transfers up to thousands of times faster than FTP with precise and predictable transfer times
  • Extreme scalability (concurrency and throughput)

You can now improve the speed of your business processes and increase your productivity by ensuring a fast and secure flow of information between you and your business partners.

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