Our Main Services


eCOM provides one-stop solution and general consulting services such as B2B solution design and architecture, B2B project magement, retail and supply chain management.


We offer product trainings and short technology courses for our customers. This is to educate the customers through our educational sessions for a better appreciation and understanding of the solutions and services.


eCOM consultants have broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills and best practice expertise. eCOM professionals understand real-world budget constraints and can help you work within them to set realistic goals and timelines. As you move into implementation, we can help you control costs—and results—by serving as your project lead on key initiatives, or by supplementing your staff with talented resources.

Technical Support

We have a team of friendly and expert customer care specialists who can assist our customers’ needs if they are having problems with the system. You can reach our Customer Care Support through telephone, fax, and email.

Our Solutions

Premium Services



eCOM Managed AS2 Gateway Services

Simplify the implementation of AS2 connectivity, allowing customers to meet the AS2 requirements for authentication, encryption, non-repudiation and data integrity of their trading partners. The solution helps attain a secure, accurate and streamlined migration to AS2, without the need of building an AS2 infrastructure for secure Internet-based B2B/EDI document exchange.

IBM B2B Collaboration Network for Partner Integration

eCOM is an exclusive EDI Value Added Network (VAN) reseller for IBM B2B Collaboration Network in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China. IBM B2B Collaboration Network is the largest EDI network in the United States, and is the one of the two EDI networks that is allowed to connect to the US and Canadian customs. We are expanding beyond borders to provide B2B outsource facility and solutions to other countries.

Mapping and Data Transformation Services

Our solution provides full support of EDI document types as well as non-EDI document types. At run time, our service executes a specific map, created using a graphical mapping tool, against a document and produces an output document structure to customer specifications.
Stay abreast of market trends and changes in standards without any effort — using the mapping and translation templates. Through the use of our services, customers are rest assured that they are compliant and up-to-date.