Building e-communities.

Building e-communities.

Communicating with multiple trading partners can be a tedious task if done manually.  Printing, sorting, faxing, confirming each document are only some of the manual tasks which have to be done and this consumes a lot of time on the one sending the document.  Time spent in doing these tasks would have been more productive if it were spent in doing tasks that are more critical to the business.


By creating your own e-community, manual processes will be automated, therefore:

  •  more work will be done without increasing the size of your staff
  • increase company operating efficiency
  • maximize on resources while minimizing cost
  • improve company response time
  • improve customer service; and
  • create more business opportunities.

Furthermore, e-communities help companies send and receive data from trading partners regardless of size, platform or protocol. An efficient network provides the flexibility of converting files from one format to another without going through the trouble of customizing anything on the side of the trading partners.  This allows companies to broaden their network and increase business opportunities without doing drastic changes to their current system.

A B2B Integration Solution in place would help you communicate with multiple trading partners with varying requirements while maintaining your current setup. This can greatly enhance efficiency in the supply chain and it allows proper communication in the midst of diversity.

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